The Psalms: My Question

Why am I always thinking
    you judge my doubts and fears
When questions are so many
    from those you hold so dear?

David, Korah, Solomon,
    Asaph, and Moses, too,
Called out with many questions
    directed unto you.

From deep pain and lonely days
    and times they thought you fled
To breath ‘fore their earthen graves
    where last each lay their head,

All these men held on to you
    through stages of their lives
Yet questioned what you’re doing
    with love through life’s long strife.

I’m sure they weren’t all perfect
    and living without sin,
Yet in your steadfast loving,
    you cleansed them from within.

So can I look unto them
    to guide me through each day?
And will you still take questions
    from me along life’s way?

Just as you have led them all
    with steady and sure hand,
Will you move me onward now
    and to your holy land?

Lord, help me in my questions
    to know your steadfast love,
A love that guides this blind man
    with sure hand from above.

This poem is taken from my book A New Song, (Westbow Press, 2016) and can be found online HERE.


  1. A

    Which Psalm is this from?

  2. o

    This is a general poem to be read as an introduction to the Psalm poetry, not from a specific Psalm. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. A

    Gotcha. That makes sense.

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