About me…

The first thing that you might need to know is that I find talking or writing about myself very difficult. But since blog-ish sites have an implicit requirement for “about me” paragraphs, here is my attempt to move past such personal difficulties and introduce myself to you.

For starters, I can tell you that I attended Taylor University and graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Systems Analysis (’87). I then worked at a family company for about ten years before entering the world of high school education where I taught apologetics, economics, and various other Bible classes. During my seventeen years there I also coached soccer and helped with many aspects of the school’s theater program. In 2012 I left the school and enrolled in Talbot Seminary and recently graduated with an M.A. in Biblical Studies (’14).

Sort of sounds like a resume, doesn’t it? I can send you mine if you would like, although rest assured it’s not much more interesting than the previous paragraph!

What I find myself doing now is writing. I have written a book that is set to come out in June of ’16 titled A New Song (Westbow Press). I think I always wanted to write a book, or maybe a few, but this was certainly not the sort of book I had imagined. It’s a book that encourages creative responses to Scripture that is also filled with many (178 to be exact) of my own poetic responses to the Psalms. I would love it if you read the book and started to approach your devotional life with a new creative spirit. But if not, I understand: poetry isn’t everyone’s thing!

As to any other tidbits about me…I don’t know what else to say. I have two dogs, Labrador Retrievers, named Boethius and Erasmus, but they go by the name of Bo and Raz in case you should ever meet them. I still volunteer for the soccer team that I used to help coach and I still help with the theater. These, along with the reading and writing that I do keep me pretty busy throughout the year.

I would say that I like long walks on the beach, but I don’t think (if anyone is actually reading this) that you are looking to find out that sort of information about me. Although it’s possible I might be wrong!

If I missed anything that you would love to hear about, feel free to drop me a line and ask a question. The worst thing that could happen is that I would be disinclined to acquiesce to your request!

Thanks for reading, and in the least self-promoting way that I can possibly imagine, if you find anything on this site worth reading and that might be helpful to someone you know, feel free to tell them about me.



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