Book Recommendations


I read a lot.

Well, maybe not a lot, but on average I try to read between 40 and 60 books a year. For some people, that’s a lot, but for others, well for others, I’m barely scratching the surface.

I’ve come to realize there are more books in existence I would like to read than I will ever be able to read unless I stop doing everything other than reading; something I’m not willing to do.

As a result of the little time I have and the vast quantity of books available, I’m a big fan of receiving book recommendations from others. By way of recommendation, I prefer hearing reasons why a book was meaningful to the reader instead of the often repeated descriptive terms about how very, very, wonderful and good it was: mere emotive excretion is not a reason for reading.

I am assuming others have the same problem, so, as a result, I’ve decided to post book recommendations from time to time. I have no illusions everyone will be interested in the books I recommend, and that’s ok; we all have our own areas of interest. But I think the more we share with others about those books and ideas that have helped each of us on our journey along the foothills of life, the better off we all will be.

I certainly won’t be posting about everything I’m reading, that would become tiresome, but I will post about those books I have found, and am finding, to be particularly meaningful to me. Feel free to peruse the recommendations, respond, and even buy the books if you also find them interesting. When possible I’ll post a link to Amazon for each book in case you want to purchase it.  Also, just so you know, I receive no remuneration, monetary or otherwise, from any authors or websites by writing any of these posts.

Happy reading!

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