A Prayer: Psalm 98

Open my eyes that I might see
    Your present working hand,
For I have found I’m blind to thee
    Your work throughout the land.

I see injustice all around,
    The good suppressed by bad,
And groaning earth, I hear its sound,
    It seems that all’s gone mad.

Like Martha, Lord, I know one day
    You’ll triumph o’er the grave,
But all in present troubled way,
    I’m not so sure you’ll save.

Is this a land without your love
    And your salvation’s touch,
Or am I blind to you above
    And to your loving clutch?

Open my eyes to see you move
    And let my voice cry out
A song, my Lord, that you approve
    To wipe away all doubt.

Yes, free my voice that I may sing
    A song to you that’s new
About salvation that you bring
    Pointing all back to you.

Lord, let me sing new songs out loud,
    New verses to construct,
And sing them ’fore the earth’s great crowd,
    And of your love instruct.

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