A Weighty Conversation: Psalm 94

How oft’ the world’s weight I bear
    And all my troubles keep?
I never pain with others share
    And long my soul does weep.

At times I seek a numbing salve
    In work throughout the day,
But peace my soul it does not have
    In this numb lonely way.

The strife that covers all the land,
    The friends that I have lost,
I try to right with my own hand
    But pay a futile cost.

Injustice everywhere I look
    From home to farthest shore,
The earth’s foundations have been shook,
    How, Lord, can there be more?

And so my soul, Lord, bears this weight,
    My gaze cast to the ground,
Will lonely struggle be my fate?
    Where can relief be found?

I cry for justice on the earth,
    Repay the wicked man!
Such pain they have all been from birth,
    O Lord, what is your plan?

But in my rage against the dark
    I hear a still small voice,
A voice in dark like tiny spark,
    “Like you, they’ve made a choice.

They may have chosen darkened path
    Bringing the earth its pain,
But you have chosen inner wrath,
    Hatred, and lonely strain.

I’ve always only wanted you
    To bring to me your fears,
Your pains, and all your burdens too
    And let me dry your tears.

Your shoulders strong as they may be,
    Such weight weren’t meant to bear.
The word to flesh was born for thee,
    Your burdens now to share.

So let my words your heart console
    And all your burdens take,
Relinquish to me all control
    And of my joy partake!”

You know I want to give it all,
    These weights and pains of mine.
Lord, free my grip on great and small
    To rest in love divine.

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