Future Light: Psalm 43

Far away in desert dry
    Where night consumes time’s hands,
My soul weeps and loudly cries:
    I long to leave dead lands.

Spinning hands have brought no light
    To show my feet the way.
Circl’ling in the gloomy night,
    Where is the dawn of day?

Voices from the shadows call
    My head drops down in shame.
My past sins they speak of all
    The ways you I defame.

Have you gone, do you reject,
    Are you for me no more?
Will you not again protect
    And love me evermore?

Please silence all the voices,
    Each one that cries, “Despair!”
Then help me make good choices
    And sinful paths forswear.

Send your guiding light to me
    And lead me from this place.
Take me from the dark to see
    Your holy loving face.

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