In the Pit: Psalm 88

Do I think that you will raise
Souls from death at end of days
From the grave to give you praise?

Do I think that now and here
My small life is to you dear
With my days so filled with fear?

Do I think that troubles all
From your throne upon me fall
So that to you I will call?

Do I like to be alone
In dark solitude to groan
Even though I’m called your own?

I have longed to have a friend
Staying with me till the end,
From the pit when I ascend.

Then the pain that’s in my past—
Pain I thought would always last—
From me ever will be cast.

And the days with troubles rife,
Insecurities, and strife
Will be gone from that new life.

So until when I’ll be free
In this darkness that I see,
Won’t you come and sit with me?

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