Justice for All: Psalm 72

Eternal as your reign may be
    With might and strength far known,
The poor and needy you still see,
    You keep them as your own.

Lord over all, your rule still stands,
    Your enemies destroy.
And all the poor you hold in hand,
    Protection you employ.

Your holy name, your wondrous name
    Rings for the earth to hear
With power, glory, and all fame,
    All of your foes thus fear.

But when, O Lord, I want to ask
    Will justice be for all?
And when will men of evil task
    See holy judgment fall?

It seems the land both far and wide
    Are by the dark oppressed,
And those who cling unto your side
    Are evermore distressed.

The pain I see makes my heart faint,
    I know not what to do.
How can I help bring some restraint,
    Or must I wait on you?

How much new blood must there be spilled,
    Dark sands on far-off shores?
How many more men will be killed
    Till you say, “Nevermore!”

I want to trust that justice lives,
    Oppression soon to end.
But when will mercy’s hand you give,
    And peace when will you send?

Lord, give me patience to trust long,
    Protect from unjust men.
And in this pain grant me a song
    Until you come again.

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  1. C

    Prayer shall be made for him daily and daily He shall be praised- vs 15b.
    Prayer- finding our way from duty to delight. JJ Packer

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