Lying Shadows: Psalm 59

From the past a voice rings clear,
Out from shadows dark deeds peer.
Mem’ries of the man I was,
Yet I’m free from this because

Years before my day of birth
You declared me of great worth,
Debts you paid upon a tree
Steadfast love you showed to me.

Still the voices cry out loud
Casting over me a shroud.
Their words spices for my death
Waiting for my dying breath.

Even though their voices ring
With a tune I once did sing,
Not all songs of theirs are true,
Shadows gone; you me renew.

Voice of mine will sing a song,
“Now to you do I belong.
Deeds and darkened ways are past,
Though I trip, your love’s steadfast.”

Yet for me stands a pyre
Built by lies of desire.
Rumors false of deeds I’ve done
And of paths I’ve never run.

Voices are not just without
Often self sounds evil shout,
Taunting torture in my head
Sparks the deathly wooden bed.

Devil’s mask upon my soul,
Dark facade in flaming roll.
Even I am taken in
By false claims about my sin.

Voices, voices ever clear
Lapping ’round me ev’ry year.
Din of voices from all foes
Corner me in cold repose.

Frozen in a fearful state
For last breath do I now wait.
Yet I know for me you died
On the tree for me you cried.

Tears of love flow mingled down
With the blood from thorny crown.
Down the wood and to the earth,
From the fire, my rebirth.

Help this darkened soul of mine
To be lit by love of thine.
Still the voices of despair.
Fill my mouth with holy air.

Let my lips sing words of love
Of your strength from high above,
The strong fortress that you build
Promises of yours fulfilled.

Turn my black heart into white,
Vict’rys prize in holy fight
Lets my song of love ring high
Far above despairing cry.

One last thing, Lord, do I ask—
Strength to finish my life’s task
Free from lies and all false shame,
Ever you my voice proclaim.

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  1. L

    “One last thing, Lord, do I ask—
    Strength to finish my life’s task
    Free from lies and all false shame,
    Ever you my voice proclaim.”

    We have the white heart! Now we need the renewed mind, to learn how to live from heaven’s perspective.

    Because of the cross, we live as children, not orphans; we were dead in sin, now we are dead to sin; we were sinners, now we are the righteousness of God in Christ; B.C. our focus was right living where A.D. our focus is our right standing; before the demand was on me but now the demand is on Christ; I was under Law, now I’m under grace; I was punishable but now I’m unpunishable; we once could only be sin-conscious but now we are learning to live a Christ-conscious life.

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