My Foes : Psalm 83

Why do I seek for justice
    on my enemies’ head?
Why do I long for your name
    to cover them with dread?
But when the foes aren’t outward
    but within me instead,
Would still I want your strong hand
    to strike my foes all dead?

I have often been oppressed
    by dark and evil hand.
I know I’ve become outcast
    at home in my sweet land.
But when the trouble’s over,
    I still want tall to stand,
Proclaiming loud your good name
    and mercy that is grand.

I am constantly aware
    of my dark sin each day,
And that my unique demons
    pursue me on life’s way.
Often they will shut my heart
    till nothing I can say,
But, Lord, I’m asking won’t you,
    please cast them all away.

And while my foes still haunt me
    my head drops low in shame,
My voice long clear is muted
    And I don’t speak your name,
Each day that I find dawning
    is ever dark the same.
Please won’t you give me freedom
    so your name I’ll proclaim?

Lord, help me lift my head high
    as long for me you fight,
And then when they are all gone
    I’ll stand in your sweet light—
Steadfast love renewing me
    so in you I’ll delight—
Forever with my tongue loosed
    I’ll sing long of your might.

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