Nature’s Sign: Psalm 95

Am I content to merely praise
    Your work throughout the land?
And will I only to you raise
    New songs of your great hand?

I’ll sing how you’ve made mountains fair
    And valleys far below,
The mighty waves that spray the air,
    The earth I so well know.

The stoic trees and mighty falls,
    The flowers in the plain—
Lord, by your strength you’ve made them all,
    I sing to you again.

Though when I often see the trees
    And want to stand and sing,
It doesn’t drive me to my knees
    Or to you worship bring.

I take all nature’s beauty in,
    With no change in my heart.
It’s easy to live deep in sin
    And love your nature’s art.

But only when my knee I bend
    And place my trust in you,
Rebellion in my heart will end,
    My life will you renew.

So simple is it to stand straight
    In love with nature’s show,
But hard to humble self and wait
    With head and heart bowed low.

Lord, let my eyes see nature’s sign
    You’ve painted onto space
So that my focus realigns
    From sign unto your face.

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