Obscured Glory: Psalm 90

My life I’ve spent in hiding
    My time has passed me by,
My secrets on me riding
    As years from me they fly.

But naught of my dark secrets
    I’ve hid from human eyes
Can live before your deepness,
    For in your light they die.

Yet in my darkened places
    I seek their friendship oft’,
And wonder if your grace is
    Enough my soul to loft,

To lift me from the dark pit
    Of muck and death and sin,
Leading me so far from it,
    This hellish life I’m in.

To search out your grand measure
    Through all my years and days
And find no greater pleasure
    Than seeking all your ways.

Then be taken one day home,
    The castle of the King,
Where your glories will be shown
    And sinner cleansed will sing.

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