Psalm 3: Awaiting Grace

Can I, Lord, exceed your grace?
    Can I step beyond?
Is no longer there a place
    With you that I am found?

Foes I have surrounding me
    Some of them I’ve known.
All are saying that with thee
    I am no longer home.

Exiled from your Promised Land
    Quickly I’m pushed out.
Is this movement from your hand?
    My heart still lives in doubt.

Sins of mine I know too well,
    Breaking moral law.
How I want your voice to yell
    And judge my every flaw.

Rest instead you often give
    After evil day.
Showing me how that I’ll live
    Long in your holy way.

David ran from jealous son,
    Wanting to be king,
But you know I also run
    Away from loving wing.

Like on mount you gave to him
    Food from servants yours,
Now to me your love does brim
    And over me it pours.

Someday soon, I know not when,
    Justice will stand tall.
But until such time as then,
    In faith I pledge my all.


This poem is taken from my book A New Song, (Westbow Press, 2016) and can be found online HERE.

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