Seeing Hope: Psalm 76

How to fear the Lord’s strong hand
    That seeks to do me good
When dark foes throughout the land
    Don’t fear him as they should.

How audacious is their plan?
    They strive. They war. They kill.
Disrespecting every man
    Who seeks to do thy will.

Punishing your children far
    And wide and close to home,
Oft’ I wonder where you are
    And why you let them roam.

Lord, I know some future day
    Your justice will cry out.
Why do you not show today
    That these men you will rout?

Lord, I find it hard to fear
    You when your works aren’t seen.
Let me see that you are near
    With just and loving mien.

Let me know the wicked foes
    Are under your control
And your loving justice grows
    To make the broken whole.

Teach me how to fear a’right
    And live so you I please.
As you then for justice fight,
    I’ll live down on my knees.

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