Restrained Praise: Psalm 47

What flaw resides under my skin
That keeps all songs locked deep within?
From where has come this inner chain
That holds my heart in constant pain?
Why to you can I not sing praise
And voice of joy high to you raise?

O Lord, you’ve gone out with a shout.
All enemies of mine you rout.
You walk me down a pleasant path.
You keep me from eternal wrath.
You’ve given me a fam’ly fair.
So why, oh why, do I despair?

I want to sing out praise to you.
I want a voice that’s loud and true.
I want to sing of how you’re near.
I want a voice that rings so clear.
Some joy to you I wish to bring
With voice that all your praises sing.

Forgive this darkened lowly soul
With broken heart that is not whole.
Forgive this voice that has gone mute
Like king to beast, a prideful brute.
Forgive this one with senses dull
Whose ears can’t hear your trump’s clear call.

Lord, break the chains that bind my heart
Release me now to sing my part.
Let voice of mine join heaven’s throng
As to you we lift joyful song.
Now free me, Lord, to use my voice
So here on earth I will rejoice.

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