Sight: Psalm 66

Clear the whole earth sings your praise.
    Why do I not my voice raise?

By love’s hand you’ve guided me.
    Why at times do I not see?

Blinded are these eyes of mine.
    Why blind to the glory thine?

I see not the path you made
    With bright light through midnight shade,

Through the heights when I am blessed
    Or the pits of my life messed.

I see not your holy hand
    Or how close to me you stand.

I see not your hand of love
    Offered in a stranger’s glove.

Drop the scales from my eyes
    So I see not blinding lies.

Let me see that you are near
    And you hold me ever dear.

Then my voice will clearly fly
    To your throne above the sky,

And my lips will sing to men
    Of your holy works again

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