The Enemy Within: Psalm 57

Hidden caves with foes afar
Searching, God, for where you are.
Refuge for the man within
Refuge from the men of sin.
Battles rage at darkened gate
Foes, they want to set my fate.
My voice calls in times like these,
“Come protect me, O God, please.”

But where can I go to hide
From the foe that lives inside,
Corrupting heart, soul, and mind
With the evil he can find?
There’s no cave for me to go
Hiding from this one I know,
From the evil one I see
Staring from the glass at me.

The grace of heaven, I’ve been told
Outstrips my sin eternal fold,
And through the cross of steadfast love
Pours crimson stream from God above
To cleanse the foe within my soul
And once again to make me whole
So when this ends, this life of mine,
No foes I’ll find in arms of thine.

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