The Once and Future Fortress: Psalm 48

I’ve been told of fortress strong
    tall towers to the sky.
It’s been sung in ancient song
    before it men will fly.

Enemies have pressed the walls
    foundation rock runs deep.
Soon in battle foes all fall
    before this massive keep.

Stately gates atop the hill
    sole entrance to be found.
‘fore it men of iron will
    fall humbly to the ground.

Only can the humble walk
    through gates that bar their way.
Through these gates of living rock
    they hear the keeper say,

“Enter in, my faithful son,
    this city by my grace.
By the battles I have won
    when I built you this place.”

Open wide the gates will swing
    and humble man will stand.
In the distance voices sing,
    “Come in to city grand!”

Walking in on dusty feet
    onto the streets of gold.
There the keeper will he meet,
    “I’ll wash your feet,” he’s told.

After cleansing tender touch
    he’s led through city vast.
Finding riches there with such
    deep beauty that will last.

Years and years will not provide
    time for the wealth that’s here.
Time to know all gems inside
    within the city’s tiers.

Many years have passed since I
    walked through those humble gates.
Soon will come my day to die,
    true city now awaits.

But in days that I am old,
    so distant from my youth.
I’ll seek the ones to be told
    of beauty’s richest truth.

Then one day in holy realm
    all ages far and wide
Will stand ’fore eternal helm,
    scarred keeper at our side.

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