Through the Window: Psalm 92

Many days when I awake
    My work is all I see.
Focus does from me then take
    My eyes away from thee.

Through the pane I see the wood,
    Tree’s canopy above,
And on grassy blanket good
    Stands creatures made in love.

Songs from beaks filling the air,
    They echo your sweet word,
Bringing life to all that’s fair,
    My heart with longing stirred.

Deep and great must be the one
    Whose words brought forth this land,
Giving life through shining sun
    To all creation grand.

More than earth has his hand wrought
    In dirt his image placed,
And for souls he long has fought
    To see us face to face.

But from pane my eye averts
    To tasks that fill each day.
In such times your joy deserts,
    I focus on my way.

Yet in bed I lay at night
    Long after work is done,
Slowly then my thoughts take flight
    To mercies of the Son.

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