Voices: Psalm 29

Weak the cries that rise to you
    Up from this life of pain.
Stronger are the voices from
    The angels who help reign.

But no voice in all the realms
    Compare to holy tongue,
Giving life to all that is
    When forming note was sung.

Clear and strong your voice rang out
    You brought all things to life
Menacing and damning too,
    Your voice will end all strife.

Powerful and bold your voice,
    It’s like none else I know,
But it rings with mercy too
    For sinners here below.

Who can stand before the Lord
    When voice of his rings out?
Only foolish ones with pride
    Who raise their fist and shout.

“Freedom now we want from you,
    We want to go our way
Evermore to live apart
    From all that you will say.

Furthermore, we hate the fact
    That only you create.
Give us time, and you will see
    The powers we will make”

Foolish are the ones who yell
    Such hatred at your throne,
For the powers that they have
    They come from you alone.

Even voices that they use
    Are given by your hand,
All they have you can remove
    From them by your command.

Help me, Lord, to use my voice
    In all humility,
Singing praise to you on high
    For all the earth to see.

Let them see your mighty work
    And all the love you give,
Saving fallen from their sin
    And making dead men live.

This poem is taken from my book A New Song, (Westbow Press, 2016) and can be found online HERE.

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