Waiting in Hell: Psalm 89

Even when you do me well
With your grace from high above
And your faithful steadfast love,
It’s more help than I can tell,
Yet my life, it seems like hell.

Lord, I know you care for me
And my good you always seek,
And to others I should speak
Of your mercies that I see.
But my Lord, where might you be?

Groaning night and day my heart,
It is longing for your touch
And to be with you so much
And to never be apart.
When did you from me depart?

Lord, it seems you’ve staid your hand
And you left the evil man
To enact his wicked plan
And your servants you remand
To his will throughout this land.

Lord, when will your Spirit blow
Setting all the wrongs a’right,
Shining on us holy light
Warming us up in love’s glow
So your justice then we’ll know?

Lord, until such time, will you
Teach me how to sing your praise?
And my voice in hope to raise
Of all that I know you’ll do
When all life you make anew.

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