When did they know?

Did they know?
Did they know God was judging them,
	or did they think it was the way of time?
		Nations rise up and nations fall,
		Good sustains then evil overcomes.
		Cycles of time,
		Seasons of fortune, misfortune, fortune again…
		Events unfurling,
		Elusive meaning.

When did they know?
When did the prophet speak?
	Who heard him?
	Who was his audience?
How many died without knowing?
	How long did the process of loss take?
	Were they so immersed in sin that they saw nothing else?
	How did they justify themselves?
	Who was teaching the truth?
	At what point is someone moved to say “Enough?”

I wonder if when they lost their personal belongings they knew?
	Does it always take personal loss to see corporate sin?
When they went to battle, was it for justice or was it for wealth?
	Did they rouse themselves due to ill-treatment,
		or were they sent to war to defend their baubles?

Did the women finally understand?
The last men-
	the cripples,
	the weak,
	the homeless-
	Did they understand?

Would we understand?
Would we fight for justice,
	or fight for wealth?
Would we defend the poor,
	or defend our idols?
When would we change our ways?
When would we listen to the prophets?
	Where are the prophets today?
	Who are they?
	What are they saying?
How much loss does it take for us to pay attention?
	for me to pay attention?

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