Words of Grace: Psalm 25

How grand it is, my Lord and God,
     That sinners such as I
Can bow the knee and humbly nod
     And from me shame will fly.

For all the sins I know I’ve done
     An ever-blackened mark,
And all my days under the sun
     I’ve filled with evil dark.

And there are sins that I know not
     I’ve done with blinded eyes,
My soul such sins doth wholly rot
     The goodness in me dies.

But to this soul so full of sin
     Much evil looks so fine,
And wicked men’s dark traps begin
     To look like freedom’s sign.

Yet deeper still your word does rest
     In souls that you do choose,
So in the end we’ll pass the test
     Our foes hope that we lose.

The humble knee that bows to you
     Bows only by your grace,
And by your words you make us new
     So we can see your face.

Bright from your face pure love does shine
     Into this troubled soul,
Renewing in me your design
     To ever make me whole.

This poem is taken from my book A New Song, (Westbow Press, 2016) and can be found online HERE.

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